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Welcome I Eat Different. A blog dedicated to quality food and shopping. Each of the administrators in this blog has a different palate, resulting to a variety of topics and types of food written in this blog. But seholiday-777600_960_720tting the differences aside, we all love food.

Whatever type of food you love, we got it covered for you. From the good old street foods to fine dining cuisines, we have it. We review our latest finds and make sure that you have the knowledge before trying a new food, because we all don’t want to waste our money on bad food. Aside from that, we also give tips and advices on where to eat wherever you are. We rate restaurants and food places not only according to their food, but also by their service, aesthetic and price.

Follow us for the latest food discovery and advices. And for your questions and inquiries, please contact us.

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